The Reluctant Marketer's Setup Workbook

How to set up a marketing system, made for people who don't want to do marketing but feel they must.

Free PDF download, 10 pages

By Matthias Bohlen

Rather be making than marketing?

Yep, been there, done that!

​I'm a software solopreneur, and I procrastinated forever on my marketing. But building or creating all day won't make people notice what you have to offer!

Doing marketing as a solopreneur can seem like a big task. Take some time to go through this workbook. It will help you to set up your marketing system, by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Key Questions you will answer with this Workbook:

  • How can you position your product as a totally awesome, must-have thing?
  • Which first marketing story do you want to tell, by making your customer the hero?
  • On which channels do you want to broadcast that story so your audience hears you?

A personal message from Matthias Bohlen, the author:

I know that marketing isn't your cup of tea (it definitely wasn't for me). But I found a way to get my marketing done, spending as little mental energy as possible, so I'm still able to build my products.
With this workbook, I want you to have sooo much success that customers will come in droves.
Let's get kicking!

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